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Please enter your name in the first field then a short description for a profile (optional). Click the "Chat" button to enter the chatroom. Suggestion: Please use whatever name you choose consistently, to help facilitate building relationships in trust. Your profile need only state enough about yourself as you feel safe sharing in this group venue. (e.g. - Survivor could stand for Abuse Survivor of any kind. Family / Survivor - Friend / Survivor - SNAP Participant - Clergy - Counselor are just a few examples.)


Please remember that you are in control of your experience herein. If the discussion is too difficult, please feel free to leave and join us again another time. If you require assistance from a staff member signed on, but not participating in the dialogue, double click on the name in the right side column for a private word on a separate screen. If issues arise were you need help after the close of the session (8:PM PST on Tuesdays), simply contact Pastor Mike through the Counseling page form, or by email to set up an appointment. If help is needed immediately afterwards, please call 480-371-3381 to our office, or 911 if it is a life threatening emergency.


When the window for the chatroom opens up, enter your message in the bottom line of the page and click return when you are ready to send your message to the chatroom. Be patient waiting for a response as several discussions may be happening at once. Whenever possible, allow the person speaking sufficient time to finish a thought. Using abusive or foul language may be cause to remove you from the public chat room and into a private setting with Pastor Chalberg.




Chat Room Guidelines:

This forum is made available to assist people in community by providing an open forum that is relatively safe. Here, questions can be asked and answered by survivors of abuse about their experiences and where they are at in their healing journey. What is shared is the choice of the individual sharing. Please be respectful of all participants at all times. No one is obligated to respond. Sometimes other 'helping professionals' will log on simply to observe and learn how to offer this method of counseling from a distance. They will not enter the conversation unless invited to by a participant.


This is NOT a place to seek clarification of rumors or suspicions about abusers or victims. It IS a place to share the truths of our personal knowledge and history. As we share in community our personal lessons, we can bring hope to someone just beginning the journey of healing, or encouragement and strength for someone to move forward again.

As SCM Pastor and Counselor, I will respond to all pertinent questions directed to me, maintain a small of amount of control over the dialogue so no one is injured, confront on screen as needed and delete users, if needed. Primarily, I'm a facilitator here and all of my input will come from a Christian perspective at all times. If I believe that a participant would benefit more from a private session time, I will move them there from the public forum.


"How then shall they call upon Him in whom they have not believed?
And how shall they believe in Him whom they have not heard?
And how shall they hear without a preacher?
And how shall they preach unless they are sent?
Just as it is written,
" How beautiful are the feet of those who bring glad tidings of good things!

Romans 10:14-15


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