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SCM offers faith-based Christian Pastoral Counseling in every category of ministry and outreach in which we serve God. Online counseling is a free service available from SCM through our open forum chat room for group 'community sharing' on regularly scheduled evenings. Topics of the month like "Healing from Clergy Abuse" are posted on the Home Page to help guide discussions. Our chat room is open every Tuesday night from 6:00 - 8:00PM PST. To join, pre-registration is required by contacting


Pastor Mike


through this email link to obtain a login name and password, and enough information to help our staff help you.


Registered members click



to enter the group chat room page. Access can only be made through this page and link. If you are cutoff while online, you need to re-enter through this page and link.


Personal and confidential counseling is made available through the Help Desk form link below for a private chat room appointment online, personal contact by phone, counseling by email, or for office visits by appointment only. All topics covered by SCM's ministries are open for discussion and counseling. Please put in the message block below the area of counseling needed, to help our staff prioritize our online time. Counseling by email is also available through Counseling.


We offer counseling-at-large through books published by Shepherds Care Publishing, like the Shattered People series, and are presented in detail on our SC Publishing page. They are shared to help instruct two audiences in God's healing love. The first is for people broken by abuse and separated from their personal relationship with God. The other audiences are any professionals who treat them: counselors, pastors, priests, and psychologists; as well as lay-people wishing to assist in the recovery of their loved ones. Any relationship shattered by abuse, particularly clergy abuse, cannot fully heal without a basic understanding of these truths about God's love, and the encouragement from people open to being used by God... in whatever manner or method God chooses.

Donations to Shepherds Care Ministries are tax deductible and help to cover the cost of providing these free services. Checks can be mailed to 2473 S. Higley Road, Suite 104, PMB #210, Gilbert, AZ 85295. Other arrangements can be made for donations by contacting Shepherds Care Ministries. Donations specified to SCPublishing will cover the cost of books given away to survivors of abuse. For example, $150 USD = 8 paperback books to ship and give away anywhere in the USA..


Contact with the author can be made via email at Shattered People for confidential counseling on the subjects of MPD, DID, Satanic Ritual Abuse, ritual or cultic abuse, human trafficking and spiritual healing. For information on other counseling material published by SCP and a suggested reading list on areas of counseling, contact us at Counseling, or see our SCPublishing page.

Individuals or groups seeking counseling or consulting for issues such as divorce; marriage; suffering; congregational healing - restoration and renewal; Biblical Disciplines; leadership accountability and discipline in the church; clergy instruction on deliverance ministries; and trauma responses in crisis situations; may contact us via Counseling to make arrangements for personal contact, or counseling via this website. For groups, schools, or churches wishing to have Pastor Mike come and speak or preach on spiritual healing; methods for counseling through the use of spiritual gifts; exorcism and deliverance ministry; or other topics of choice, please contact us via Pastor Mike.



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Join our community chat room forum on Tuesday nights at 6:00-8:00 PM PST.


The first Tuesday of each month is for children / child alters to receive help and make new friends.


Audio Links to radio interviews with Pastor Chalberg and Dr. John Schinnerer in April & Ian Moore in May on ritual abuse & MPD/DID:


April 5, 2006 Shattered People

April 7, 2006 Shattered People

May 14, 2006 Author's Corner



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