Shepherds Care Counseling Ministries
Purpose Statement


Our nonprofit evangelical association exists to provide Christian ministries dedicated to bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ into a broken world. We offer free Christian Pastoral Counseling & Care services to survivors of ritual abuses like SRA, Clergy Abuse, Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking. We provide teaching, training & mentoring of Christian professionals and laity in the issues of Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Warfare, & Deliverance Ministries, to reach people separated from God, inside and outside the church.

We publish Christian literature for the equipping of anyone who wishes to provide care for these individuals. We use non-traditional methods like a virtual church in chat rooms; counseling via the Internet, email & video conferencing; and the training & mentoring for giving God's unconditional love to people with special needs, without expecting anything in return.

We offer traditional teaching ministries for leadership training in Reformation and Renewal of churches in various Biblical Disciplines such as Prayer, Evangelism and Peace-making through Conflict Resolution.



SCCM's Vision Statement

Paraphrase of Luke 14: 12-14


"When you give to others from your abundance, give first to those
in need of you, the hungry, the homeless, the jobless and afraid,
those sick and imprisoned, without hope and no means to repay you;
(Giving without expecting anything in return.)
Then give to your family and friends, or wealthy neighbors who can
repay you, from their own abundance and satisfaction is yours. For
when you give to the least of these, you have given unto Me says the Lord."


Contributions Needed to Support the Free Services of SCCM


The Counseling and Prayer ministries of SCCM are free services. There is a tremendous need in our nation alone to establish safe houses as temporary shelters for those still caught in cultic abuse and human sex trafficking of children. There is a need for a longer term care facility to help these people to start new lives free of abusive control. As more survivors come to us and receive free copies of our books to support their care, funds are needed to cover the cost of publishing and shipping them around the world. A contribution of $150 USD provides for 8 books shipped anywhere in the USA. We need your help to continue providing the quality of Pastoral Care and Counseling to this segment of our society who cannot find this anywhere else. All contributions are TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Please contact us at Shepherds Care Counseling Ministries to find out more how you can support this vital ministry.

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Audio Links to radio interviews with Pastor Chalberg and Dr. John Schinnerer on ritual abuse & MPD/DID:


April 5, 2006 Shattered People


April 7, 2006 Shattered People


Audio Link to radio interview with Pastor Chalberg and Ian Moore of Moore Public Radio on ritual abuse & MPD/DID:


May 14, 2006 Author's Corner




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